My Escape.

My Escape. Let's see..
-I have weird blogging ways, if I am following you, I will probably be liking and reblogging stuff from a while back, so don't feel creeped out.. heh heh heh.. but yeah, i'm a creeper.
-Dental Hygiene student..
-I love my STi (Stanley).
-Oh, and lots of girly cute stuff.
-Bestfriend Mina.
-PLUR culture <3
...yup..tumblr sums up my life.

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Harajuku fashion: x
{ Use the code ahchim for 10% off your purchase }

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Harajuku fashion: x

{ Use the code ahchim for 10% off your purchase }

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Saving dauphins is expected, but this guy saves a shark!!!
Thank you sir, for showing us there’s still some hope for humanity!

more amazing people«

I had a look at the original video and news articles about this. Apparently the man was fishing and accidentally hooked the great white shark, but cut it loose; then he realized the poor thing was beached. What you don’t see here is what’s possibly the most awesome part: he realized the shark still had his hook in its mouth and went to the effort of removing the hook.

From the mouth of a live, distressed great white shark.

Which he then got back into the water and set free.

His name’s Shane Cox, and he’s a pretty damn awesome Australian for that.

the fuck is a dauphin??

the last comment.. LOL omg. I was so into this shark story and how amazing the guy is.. then ..what is a dauphin..

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simple tips to gain my friendship

  • have a dog
  • show me pictures of your dog
  • invite me over to pet your dog
  • be a dog
  • dog

lol rbeccaliu this reminded me of youu

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lol amazon prime got me.

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Fuck this website

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Fuck this website

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Thanks for the Huff socks harrisonwang&#160;!!! Look Im wearing it.

Thanks for the Huff socks harrisonwang !!! Look Im wearing it.

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Little picnic 😁✌️ (at Discovery Green Houston)

lol suki&#8230;.

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Little picnic 😁✌️ (at Discovery Green Houston)

lol suki….

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Creative Mom Of Two Packs Up Magical Bento Box Lunches For Her Boys

Mom Li Ming prides herself on her Bento Monsters, the gorgeous boxed lunches she makes for her two school-age sons.

For more of this mom’s beautiful Bento box lunches go here.