My Escape.

My Escape. Let's see..
-I have weird blogging ways, if I am following you, I will probably be liking and reblogging stuff from a while back, so don't feel creeped out.. heh heh heh.. but yeah, i'm a creeper.
-Dental Hygiene student..
-I love my STi (Stanley).
-Oh, and lots of girly cute stuff.
-Bestfriend Mina.
-PLUR culture <3
...yup..tumblr sums up my life.

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Fiona Tang

artist on tumblr

These Dark 3D Drawings Pop Out Of As Life-Sized Animals

Vancouver-based artist Fiona Tang draws 3D-looking animals that seem to pop out of large and perfectly 2D sheets of paper. Tang‘s multi-media artworks, created with charcoal, acrylic paint, conte, ink, and chalk pastel, usually focus on wild predators. Her darkly atmospheric and sketchy-looking style evokes terror, fear, anxiety, or sometimes just the mild melancholia of an unknown world.


Morning :-)


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Morning :-)


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プリンセスのために…。 by シャボム

There is a vomit-inducing amount of pretty happening here.